The death of a brother and a friend confronts us with the value of every life, which is precious in the sight of God. It is an opportunity to encounter the meaning of life and presents the promise of Jesus Christ that we will live forever, because He has conquered for each of us eternal life through the merits of his passion, death and resurrection.

While Fr. Alvaro Corcuera, LC, is heading to the Father’s house, It is also an opportunity to thank God and do good. This book of condolence is offered as a space to strengthen communion, to share and to accompany people with words, with experience. It’s an opportunity to continue to build the Kingdom of Christ.

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  1. J.M.J.

    Dear Friends,

    When being an apostle, not all will understand. They will know we are Christians by our love, this is what will teach them that Jesus Christ is working through us, and this is the example Father Alvaro Corcuera taught me. I will never forget when I told him the brothers are happy with him, happy with his commitment, he told me We have Christ!!! The focus and the reason for the work of The Legionaries of Christ is to adore our God, and it is in that humble and loving service to neighbor that we learn of Jesus, Who is meek and humble of heart.
    Father Alvaro always believed. He thanked me for my faith,and I thanked him for his friendship in our last meeting. I knew him for many years, and for me, it was always a blessing to see this Apostle work for souls, with so humble a disposition that he always directed compliments to The Lord, Who is worthy of all our honor and praise.

    In my July 5th meeting with Pope Francis, I asked the blessings of Saint Michael, and also Father Alvaro, who exclaimed , We have Christ! Christ is the reason for everything good!

  2. Thank you so much Fr. Alvaro for your example and your personal acts of kindness of the years to a little brother. Keep praying for us and all members of Regnum Christi.

  3. John and I send our deepest sympathy and prayers for the repose of the soul of Fr Alvaro. We have very fond and unforgettable memories of our meetings with him in Rome and Dublin, and he will remain in our prayers.

    Philomena and John McDonald

  4. May Father Alvaro Corcuera rest in Peace with the Holy Trinity for ever and ever. Amen.
    Thanks be to God for all his years of service in Jesus name. Amen

  5. Our great loss, what a wonderful man and Priest
    Thank God for men like Fr Alvero may he continue to be an example for Seminarians and Fathers to emulate.
    God bless his family and all Legionary of Christ Brothers and Fathers..

  6. Quiero enviar mi oración para el eterno descanso del padre Álvaro y por las Almas del Purgatorio.
    Padre eterno
    Te ofrezco el Cuerpo y la Sangre, el Alma y la Divinidad
    de Tu Amadísimo Hijo, nuestro Señor Jesucristo,
    en expiación de nuestros pecados, de los pecados del padre Álvaro Corcuera
    y de los del mundo entero.
    Réquiem eterna donai domini, luz perpetua luz a dei, requien descantiem paz. Amen
    De las puertas del infierno, libra Señor su Alma. Dulce Corazón de María salvalo!
    dulce Corazón de María, salvalo!, dulce Corazón de María, salvalo!
    dulce Corazón de María, salvalo!, dulce Corazón de María, salvalo!
    Amo a Dios Padre, amo a Dios Hijo, amo a Dios Espíritu Santo, amo a la Santísima Trinidad !
    Santo Dios, Santo Fuerte, Santo Inmortal, libranos Seños de vivir y morir en pecado mortal. !Dulce Corazón de María, salvalo!!

  7. From the first time I met him, he remembered my name after meeting so many people in a crowd of 5,000 at the Atlanta YFE. I couldn’t believe it. How did he do that ? I know , he truly was Persona Christi, he exuded love!
    I will miss him dearly, you have fought the good fight , you have finished the race .
    Love Orlando and Family

  8. Our Brother Alvaro served Our Merciful Lord and Saviour and His church with fidelity . Thank you Br Alvaro for sharing with us over so many years your love of the Lord, your faith in Him. You are now together with all the Saints who have gone Home before you and praising the Lord until the end of time. Please keep us in your daily prayers and intercede for us .
    We join our brothers worldwide to express our deepest condolences to the members of RC and to Br Alvaro’s family. May the soul of our Br Alvaro rest in eternal peace. Amen,

  9. I thank God for each and every holy priest who labors to bring the kingdom of God on earth. May he rest in peace and be taken to the arms of Jesus Himself! Well done, good and faithful servant! May God’s perpetual light shine upon you! Pray for us!

  10. My memory of meeting Fr. Alvaro was seeing his smile and noticing that his eyes smiled too. Eternal rest grant onto him, O Lord.

  11. The first and only time I met Father Alvaro was in my home town in Rolling Prairie Indiana when he visited the Sacred Heart Apostolic School…

    At that time, I did not even know how important he was. His humility was such that he was servant more than elevated Priest.

    All in vocation who act that way will win souls for God, Father Alvaro certainly did. May God grant to Him his special place and room in Heaven… May his intercession win to us the grace to continue to work for God’s glory…
    Father Alvaro you are greatly missed, but your spirit is so alive in our soul, that Heaven seems a place so near indeed…

    Eternal Rest grant unto him, O lord and Let Perpetual Light shine upon him… May he rest in peace… Amen!

  12. Hasta luego Padre Alvaro,
    Gracias por todo su amor a Cristo, y a nosotros por El.
    Dile por favor ahora que estas con El, que nos siga amando, que no se canse, ahora mas que nunca. Tu padre Alvaro que sabes como el mundo anda hoy, reza mucho por que volvamos al amor de los amores.
    Gracias a tus papas y tu familia que te inculcaron a ser sacerdote, reza por sacerdotes hispanos aqui en USA. Descansa en Paz.

  13. Fr. Alvaro, May Our Lord embrace you, keep you, and share Heavenly Glory with you! You carried the cross with dignity, compassion and fidelity; it was heavy, but you journeyed on with faith and compassion. Thank you for your friendship and example.

  14. A man so in love with Jesus is finally with him FOREVER! Fr Alvaro, please ask Jesus to give all of your Regnum Christi family a portion of your charity.

  15. Thank you Fr. Alvaro for more than words can express. Thank you for your fidelity to your priesthood and for doing all you could for the Movement the Church. Thank you for your compassion, sincere concern for each person, and your joy, simplicity and humility. We will miss you, but somehow I know that now you are closer to me than ever. Please intercede for us, and prepare a place for us in the arms of “el Amigo”.

  16. Fr. Alvaro was a holy and faithful servant of God, and I feel so richly blessed to be among those who had the pleasure of meeting him personally. He was a beautiful example of perseverance in times of suffering, and I will always be grateful for the prayers that he offered up for a very special intention. He was truly a remarkable man – gentle, kind and full of charity. May he forever rest in peace with the Lord whom he served so faithfully during his priestly ministry here on earth. I join with others in offering my prayers for Fr. Alvaro’s family and for the entire Regnum Christi community during this difficult time.

  17. Thank you, Fr Alvaro, for your goodness and example! May the Lord reward you now for all eternity with His Presence and Love.

  18. “in my Father’s house there are many rooms” surely there is a special place in God’s house for this very special servant! He stood firm in the time of great turmoil. I thank God for having known such a devoted servant – his example of Faith and perseverance will be a lasting part of my life!

  19. Fr. Alvaro was a perfect example of charity in the personal attention he gave me when I needed it most. When I got breast cancer in 2009. Somehow Fr. Alvaro heard about it and sent me an email of prayer and encouragement. I was just a little Regnum Christi member across the world whom he had never met. I was touched by his generosity.

  20. Enviamos al Padre Eduardo y a toda la comunidad de los Legionarios de Cristo, Señoritas y Miembros Consagrados del RC un fraternal saludo. El Padre Alvaro fue para nosotros un maestro de la caridad, del buen trato, de la humildad y de la confianza en Dios. Gracias Padre Alvaro, lo vamos a recordar con mucho cariño. Saludos y nuestras oraciones para todos.

  21. TKC!

    Fr Alvaro touched us in his sacrifices for God’s kingdom and how he dedicated himself by building up our Catholic family. May he rest in great peace with our Father in eternity.

  22. My best memories of Fr Álvaro are his unequaled kindness and memory. The first time I met him, he remembered my name from letters I had written. He always had a smile on his face, and his kindness was contagious. My thoughts and prayers are with all Legionaries and RC members at this time. He will be greatly missed.

  23. May the Good Lord continue to bless the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi trough the life and example of Fr. Alvaro and now through his intercession.

  24. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.

  25. O Pe. Álvaro foi um autêntico amigo de Cristo e viveu o Evangelho para valer! Ele deixa saudades, mas estamos unidos na comunhão dos santos!

  26. TKC!

    May God’s peace be with you always. We thank you for allowing us to be part of your Legion family in Thornwood NY. But most of all we will treasure your friendship and love of Christ when we saw you on our 50th wedding anniversary and you blessed us on April 22, 2011 in Thornwood and when we saw you in Rome and you called us by name.
    Dear Fr Alvaro thank you and rest in peace till we meet you again.

  27. ¡ VTR!

    Con mucho agradecimiento al Padre Corcuera, deseo que de la mano de María Nuestra Madre, lo reciba en su gloria, Nuestro Señor Jesucristo. Le ruego al Padre Corcuera sus oraciones desde donde se encuentre.

  28. I love you Lord for the gift of Fr. Álvaro…
    In him you showed me an image of the Priesthood as Fatherhood and as Self-giving…

  29. Seguramente a las puertas del cielo estaban Juan Pablo II esperando a su “Rectorcito” y nuestra Madre María para prodigarle todos sus cuidados, yo acá, seguiré con mis oraciones por El

  30. I first met Fr Alvaro in my last year of formation in RI, USA as I began to prepare to leave for apostolate as a consecrated woman in RC. When I saw the personal way he greeted each of us with such love, he became an image of what I wanted to offer others through my consecration – personal love for each person. You could see Christ and love pouring out of his eyes. Fr Alvaro, pray for me that I may be that image of Christ’s love for others.

  31. Haber sido legionario de Cristo por tres años, tan poco tiempo, fué lo suficiente para criar en mí un afecto muy grande para con el P. Álvaro. A pesar de nustra tristeza por su partida, nos quedamos con la certeza y la alegría de tener más un intercesor en el cielo.
    ¡Descanse en paz, el que tanto hizo por la Iglesia en la Legión, y no se aflojó cuando tantos lo deseaban!
    ¡Descanse en paz más un infatigable soldado del Reino de Cristo!
    ¡Descanse en paz, y sea siempre para nosotros, como lo fué en vida, ese ejemplo de caridad y entrega sin reservas a Dios y a los hermanos!
    ¡P. Álvaro Corcuera, LC, descanse en paz!

  32. He was full of goodness. It was obvious he loved God, and seemed like God inspired his charity. I feel indebted to him for his example and work.

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