Thank God It’s First Friday
A bleeding-edge podcast…
2 bro’s studying Philosophy
and Theology in Rome with
enough time on their hands
to crack open their doubts
and dreams about life.


Mission Moments
A podcast sponsored by
Mission Youth, a community
of missionary disciples who
come together to equip
ourselves to go out and
spread Christ’s love in the
world as apostles of the
New Evangelization.

Homily Podcast

Homily Podcast
Legionary fathers’
homilies recorded
from St Joseph Catholic
Church in Raleigh, NC.

Fr Jason Brooks, LC

Fr. Jason Brooks, LC
Meditations offered by
Fr. Jason Brooks who
is currently serving the
Metro Detroit area.

RC Spirituality

RC Spirituality
Do-it-yourself Retreat
Guides from

RC Daily Meditations

RC Daily Meditations
Daily meditations to
start your day.

RC Top 3

RC Top 3
A weekly podcast
featuring the top 3
news stories from
Regnum Christi.

Divine Mercy University

Called to Flourish
The Called to Flourish
Podcast covers mental
health topics through a
Catholic Christian
perspective to highlight
human dignity and help
achieve an integrated
healing process of the
heart, mind, and soul.

The Rooted Catholic

The Rooted Catholic
Two priests talking about life
and other things that matter.
Fr Jeremy Lambert, LC, and
Deacon Jaime Lorenzo, LC,
are currently working in
New Orleans, Louisiana

Formation Matters

Formation Matters
Formation Matters offers
a place to delve into
formation matters. Set in
the atmosphere of a
seminary, Fr. Nicholas
Sheehy, LC,  offers insights
he has gleaned from working
with young people and
especially with seminarians.