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Seven Legionaries Make Perpetual Vows

Seven Legionary brothers from around the world made their final vows in the chapel of the Legion’s International College in Rome on June 29, the solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul.

Fr. Eduardo Robles-Gil, LC, presided over the Eucharistic celebration with over 40 concelebrants, and received the brothrs’ final vows. Brs. Bernardo Siller, Juan Carlos Arias, Saúl Gutiérrez, Mario Rodríguez, Matthew Bender, Juan Pablo López and Miguel Esponda, LC, all made their final or perpetual vows. Br. Abraham Eo, LC, renewed his temporary vows.

Br. Bernardo Siller, LC, explained, “It was very special that the profession fell on the day of St. Peter and St. Paul, within the octave of the Sacred Heart. It can be said that it is a great synthesis of the spirituality of Regnum Christi: Launching apostolically in the service of the Church, founded on an intimate and experiential love of the Heart of Christ. I ask God and His Blessed Mother to always keep us there and to sow the seeds for this ‘second baptism’ to grow into for eternal life.”

Fr. Eduardo mentioned in the homily how faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, proclaimed by Saint Peter and Paul with their lives and martyrdoms, continues to cause the total surrender of lives to God. He said that we need a faith in Jesus Christ, Savior of the world, “for whom it is worth giving up all your life.” He continued, “It’s mysterious and it’s great, but God trusts us… God fully trusts you. He wraps you with his mantle, gives you his grace, gives you his protection and puts many people in your hands to open the Kingdom of heaven to them.”

Fr. Eduardo also invited the professees to watch and pray to face the temptations they will encutner ahead: “May the Lord free me from evil deeds, from my evil deeds. This is the greatest danger. We have it inside, our fragility accompanies us… Strength comes from God, only from God. We carry a treasure in earthen vessels, but the Lord protects us. ‘The Lord was by my side and gave me strength.’”

After the Eucharistic celebration, Br. Daniel Rodríguez, LC, who is studying philosophy in Rome and is the brother of Br. Mario Rodríguez, LC, who professed, commented: “Today I experienced once again how God demonstrates his love by seeing my brother reaffirming the ‘yes’ that 15 years ago he had said for the first time to follow him as a religious, and a future priest of the Legionaries of Christ. Just listen to Christ, leave the nets and follow him. He takes care of the rest.”

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