About Us

Who We Are

Driven by the desire of Jesus’ heart to set the world ablaze, the religious priests of the Legionaries of Christ support each other and work in communion with other Regnum Christi members in their mission to form apostles, people who let the love of Christ the King transform their hearts, their families and their world.

The Legionaries of Christ are a Roman Catholic religious congregation of priests and seminarians, and part of the Regnum Christi Federation. They live in communities, and make vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

The formation of a Legionary is a deep and transformative process that spans an average of 14 years, leading up to his priestly ordination. He is formed to be both contemplative and apostolic.

Legionaries go out as missionaries in today’s world. With great charity, joy and zeal, they invite people into the adventure of living for Christ and transforming the culture around them. Each year they impact thousands of lives through youth work, education, parishes, missions, the sacraments, and spiritual direction.

Mission of the Congregation

In their mission of forming apostles, Christian leaders at the service of the Church, Legionaries make present the mystery of Christ gathering the Apostles around him, revealing to them the love of his heart, forming them and sending them out to collaborate with him in building up his Kingdom. (see Mark 3:13-14; Matthew 10:5-10; 28:18-20)


  1. Legionaries should bring others to live out their baptismal calling to the full, fostering the spiritual growth, the integral formation and the apostolic outreach of men and women, including Regnum Christi members, who are called to develop and exercise their leadership at the service of Jesus Christ who transforms the personal, family, professional and social life of all people.
  2. Together with them, Legionaries should establish the institutions and undertake the actions that most contribute in depth and extent to building up the Kingdom of Christ in society and in this way respond to the needs of the universal and local Church, in communion with their bishops and according to their own charism.
  3. Legionaries should exercise their pastoral ministry principally in the fields of spreading the faith; education; evangelization of the family, of culture and of the media; youth work; clergy formation and the promotion of justice, charity and solidarity with the neediest; along with the spiritual care and formation of the Regnum Christi members.
From the Constitutions of the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ, Chapter 1, 4