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For Immediate Release: Legion Responds to Allegations in the Media Regarding Seven Civil Lawsuits Filed This Month

Seven civil lawsuits have been filed in Connecticut against the Legion of Christ, Incorporated, Immaculate Conception Apostolic School (“ICAS”), and Immaculate Conception Academy (“ICA”) pertaining to abuse that the plaintiffs claim occurred in the 1990s. Six of these cases are in the federal court system and one was filed in the state court system. These are not criminal cases. Six of the plaintiffs were students at the Legionary apostolic school ICAS in New Hampshire (closed in 2015) and one attended the girls’ boarding school in Rhode Island, ICA (closed in 2012).

The plaintiffs in these cases are seeking compensation from the Legion for abuse that they allege occurred when they were students in the 1990s. The alleged abuse did not occur in Connecticut or at the Seminary in Cheshire, CT.

The Legion was aware of most of these allegations before the suits were filed and, when it became aware of these allegations, retained independent third-parties to investigate the claims. Four cases involve allegations against two religious who were not priests at the time and whose names were included in the Congregation’s latest release of names of those credibly accused of abuse of minors. The claims of two of the plaintiffs were investigated, but the allegations could not be substantiated. In the instances where the result of the independent investigation did not result in substantiated claims, the accused clergy were reinstated to ministry. One plaintiff alleges that he was abused by another student. This claim was also investigated, but given that this student was not a religious, the name was not included in the latest release of names published by the Congregation.

The Legion had been in touch with many of these plaintiffs before the suits were filed in an attempt to provide support and assistance to the degree that they requested. The Legion respects everyone who comes forward with these types of allegations and is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for all children and all people who interact with its members and are involved in its ministries. The Legion remains committed to implementing its safe environment policies and enforcing its zero tolerance policy for abuse.