Regnum Christi | Legionaries of Christ

Meet the Legionary Candidates

On July 5th, the 2023 summer candidacy program for the Legion of Christ began at the novitiate in Cheshire, CT.

The summer candidacy is a 7-week introduction into Legionary religious life that helps young men who are discerning the priesthood in the Legion get a better idea of its community and mission prior to formally entering the novitiate.

This summer there are 11 young men who have answered the call, five more than the 2022 summer program! These men are accompanied throughout the summer by a formation team of five Legionary priests and seminarians. The candidates and their formation team are pictured above. Fr. Martin Connor, LC, Fr. Joseph Brickner, LC, and Fr. John VanDorpe, LC, are assisted by Br. Andrew Torrey, LC, and Br. Roberto Martinez.

We are delighted to see such an increase in the number of candidates this year but are well aware of the great responsibility we have to pray and support these young men as much as possible.

Our suffering chaotic world is in such need of “spiritual healers.” Yes, the Church is in great need of laborers! Do we have any idea of the value of one priest to so many souls seeking God and seeking heaven?

Please help us to support these young men who are taking this step with your prayers.

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