Regnum Christi | Legionaries of Christ

Prot. Mx-LC 1337 2019
Clas. VII.2.17 

Huixquilucan, Mexico, June 10, 2019 

To the Legionaries of Christ of the Territory of Mexico, 

Dear Friends in Christ: 

As you may recall, in October 2016, a civil lawsuit was filed in the United States alleging that Father Marcial Maciel, Father Luis Garza Medina and José Maria Sabin, a former Legionary, had been involved in the sexual abuse of a minor. Regarding this, I wanted to share the following with you, in particular as it relates to Father Luis Garza. 

When informed of the claim, Father Luis firmly stated that the accusations against him were false and that he has never abused a minor nor has he committed any immoral conduct that he could be accused ofNevertheless, once he learned of the accusations, Father Luis chose to resign from the responsibilities he had in the Philippines and avoid pastoral ministry with minors in order to facilitate the necessary investigations and avoid possible difficulties before third parties. Father John Connor, territorial director of North America [of which the Philippines is part], accepted Father Luis’ decision. 

Father Connor informed the members of the North American Territory about the situation (see Prot. NA-LC 1139-2016, dated October 28, 2016). A short time later, Father Luis became a member of the Territory of Mexico.  

In accordance with canon 1717 of the Code of Canon Law and our own procedures, I initiated a preliminary canonical investigation, entrusting it to the care of an experienced external investigator. After looking at the results of this investigation, I concluded that the accusations against Father Luis Garza were not credible 

Apart from that, the civil lawsuit was recently dropped without explanation. 

therefore wish to affirm that, in accordance with canon law, no further action will be taken in this regardI also confirm that Father Luis Garza is free from suspicion and should not be restricted in any way in the exercise of his priestly ministry. 

I hope that everything possible will be done to restore his good name, in accordance with what canon law, as well as Christian justice and charity, demands. 

Yours in Christ and in the Legion, 

Father Ricardo Sada, LC 

Territorial Director of Mexico 

Original Spanish Communication