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As part of the Congregation’s ongoing commitment to help victims heal, prevent future abuses, and continue with the ongoing purification within the Congregation the Legionaries of Christ in the North American Territory share this update to the list of substantiated sexual abuse allegations from France on

In October 2021, Father Denis Tassé, LC, (Ordained a priest in 2010) was convicted of sexual aggression (agressions sexuellesagainst minors by the Criminal Court of Bordeaux, France. A summary of the case has been published on our French website in English and in French (link). The canonical investigation is still ongoing, and the results will be presented to the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. 

The information published below aims to contribute to this investigation, according to North American diocesan policies and the Legionaries of Christ General Chapter document “Protect and Heal” (number 29 d).

In the North American Territory Father Tassé served in:  

   • Cornwall, Canada from 1996 – 1998 (formation)

   • Cheshire, CT from 1998-1999 (formation)

   • Thornwood, NY from 1999-2001 (formation)

   • Saint Louis, MO from 2002-2004

   • Cornwall, Hamilton, and Calgary, Canada from 2010-2013

We apologize to the victims. Please continue to keep them and their families in your prayers. May God grant them the needed care and healing that they so desire and deserve.

We are grateful to those who bravely came forward and encourage others who may have concerns or complaints regarding this case to please contact:

Legionaries of Christ North American Territorial Safe Environment Office

Nikki Hittle, MSW, Safe Environments Coordinator


Phone: (770) 802-0058

The Legionaries of Christ remain committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for all people who interact with our priests and are involved in our ministries. Every Legionary of Christ in North America receives ongoing training by VIRTUS in keeping with our Praesidium Accreditation.