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Fernando Martinez Suarez From Mexico: Loss of Clerical State

Legionaries of Christ

Office of Institutional Communication – Territory of Mexico


January 13, 2020


Press Release


Legionaries of Christ Office of Institutional Communication Press Release January 13, 2020 – The Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ has informed its members today that Fernando Martínez Suárez, who admitted guilt to crimes of abuse against minors, as the result of a process before the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, has lost his clerical state and will no longer be able to exercise priestly ministry, for the good of the Church (pro bono Ecclesiae). The Holy See has granted Fernando Martínez Suárez’s request to remain a member of the Legionaries of Christ.

The Legionaries of Christ assumes responsibility for overseeing Fernando Martínez as he conducts a life which corresponds to his condition as a religious who has lost his clerical state; and reaffirms its decision to follow the difficult and demanding path of reparation and healing.

A report about the Fernando Martínez case, published on November 22, 2019, can be found here.